Why the motivation for the transformation?

That is a good question! The past 20 years I have been sort of active walking around but that is where the activity ended. Sitting at a desk all day long and in the evenings I made a prefect couch potato!

Mid 2016 I realized the tummy is getting larger and the butt is actually fading away! I decided it is time to do some exercise and do something for my health. This only lasted a few weeks and then I injured my shoulder and left it all there. No more of this healthy living.

End 2016 I decided that 2017 is going to be the year where I will finally have a new years resolution again. The goal for 2017 was, quit smoking, get fit and tone the body and lastly eat healthy.

After some research, I ended up buying the Champix Course to quit smoking. It seems to work as, I am 12 days into the course today and 5 days without a smoke! I am really happy about that, considering I smoked almost 3 Packs a day at a stage.

In regard to the exercises and training I spent a lot of time on the net and on Google Playstore. I think I found the perfect App for me, in the Runtastic Sixpack and Runtastic Results versions. I am in the beginning with this so will give some feedback later.

As I am not interested to loose weight, but rather gain some muscle and tone the body I do not really look to much on the quantities is I eat, but rather on the nutritional values of what I eat. I did change my diet somewhat to have more protein to build muscle, and generally eat a lot more fruit and vegetables than before. However, I do still have the odd Pizza and drink the odd beer. So, NO, I am not the total nutcase health freak, but take care of my health better than before!

With these little changes I have done, I already feel so much better than before. More energy more active!

All in all just better! And that really motivates me to get on with it and see what will happen once I reach 90 days!




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