The first step to a non-smoker!

As mentioned earlier in the blog, the decision to quit smoking came during the latter part of 2016.

Once the new year started I started to look for the best solution, as there was no way that I would just put the packet down an quit. So I asked via Facebook who quit smoking and what helped them, but Didn’t get the best answers, so I decided to go to the pharmacy.

Here I was shown different types of tablets, including some anti-depressant which apparently works! At the end I decided to take the very expensive Champix Tablets.

The Champix Starter Pack is a course that you complete after 28 days, but can be done till up to 12 weeks. Champix does the following:

“How does Champix make quitting easier?

If you’re ready to quit smoking, Champix can help make it easier in two ways:

  1. It helps reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that happen when you give up smoking.
  2. It blocks the effect of nicotine, so if you do smoke while on Champix, it won’t be so enjoyable.”

On Friday 6 January 2017 I took my first tablet. At around 11 AM that morning I had the feeling that cigarettes taste differently. Don’t know if it really did, or if the thought of taking these pills just screwed my mind.

The first day I still smoked like a chimney, but from the next day it got less. A lot less considering that I smoked almost 3 packs a day. I didn’t feel any negative side effects, except for food cravings, but I countered that with having lots of fruits in the house giving myself a vitamin boost 🙂

Additionally I had so much more time on hand! I usually do not smoke in the house and always go outside. Now, by smoking less there was so much more time to do other things, so firstly I started planing my exercise routine.

Last week Tuesday I bought my last pack of cigarettes and by Thursday this was finished and I decided that was that. No more smoking for me!

I cannot say that I have quit forever, but I have been of the smokes now for 6 days and I must admit I do have cravings for a smoke, but they are not really so strong that I give in.




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